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With having the fundamental ideology of being transconnected to the world wide IT related service and also to enjoy the family relationship as share partner of this horizon, our company had its inception. Running the roller scate in this paveway of ups and down, our present status-quo stands as one of the well versed , named and famed organisation in IT related services. As to the extension,expansion and recognationability we have already baged the very fundamentalic documents like the Trade license and other documental approvations. Basically, having targetted score of upgradation of International IT Services, it resumed its basic steps. But later being inspired by the version of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Govt of the peoples republic of Bangladesh, to covert our Golden Bangladesh into digital transformation in all spheres , we are in the process of all sorts of implecation and extension of the fundamental idology we had in the inception. This very effort of us has enabled us to go for universal application, on line marketting system and having the pride of user of the most upgraded software.