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SYGMAZ is a unique establishment and can be described as a charming boutique firm that specializes in event planning and Venue design. The experience with SYGMAZ is like no other; your event design, may it be for your wedding ceremonies, birthday, corporate affair, anniversaries, etc., will serve as a medium for your expression and will become an extension of you. The implications of personalizing events are profound. Not only does it add vibrancy and flare but can also adds an indelible moment in your life. Sigma Mehdi is the passionate Creative Head and Owner of the firm, whose core business of ‘creating an experience’ and ‘reflecting the client’s personality’ with the event is unique in Bangladesh. She has pioneered "Themed Parties" and Claims that all her party designs are original and specially created to reflect each individual client. Going back to defining event design, elaborate stage décor, matching table centerpieces, color coordinated floral arrangements etc that somehow match the theme of the party are some of the must haves. Add to that are the beautifully adorned ceilings and walls as well. At SYGMAZ, repetition of the designs is not encouraged.Sygmaz also have a retail outlet selling real and artificial floral arrangement, Gift Items, Wedding Accessories etc. To better understand the requirements in your next picturesque event