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What is the Remind Me &Others(RMO)? Remind Me &Others(RMO) is an online collaboration platform that makes it easy for people to create, organize, discuss, and accomplish tasks with anyone, anytime, anywhere. By merging a sleek, intuitive interface with powerful functionality, we're out to revolutionize the way the world's productive teams get things done. What we think. Remind Me &Others(RMO)'s philosophy is pretty simple when it comes down to it: make it easy for people to work the way they want to work, wherever and with whomever. The last thing we want is to force anyone into a particular way of thinking— Remind Me &Others(RMO) is all about taking what you do and helping you do it that much better. What we're doing. We'll be constantly evolving and adapting to meet the customer’s needs, with new features and product updates released almost every week. Feel free to check out our Productivity Blog to see some of what we've done recently, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook to be the first to hear about future developments. Simplify. Organize. Inspire: At Remind Me &Others(RMO), we specialize in productivity software. We create tools that simplify and organize the workday. It's a modest goal, but important one. When software tames the chaos and streamlines the little things, it frees you to focus on the big things. Things that amaze.Things that inspire.Things that change the world. Remind Me &Others(RMO): A powerful task manager for personal productivity. Lets you manage tasks from your inbox, browser, desktop, or mobile device. For people who know great accomplishments are built through small daily tasks. We practice what we preach: We're a productive, virtual team that makes productivity tools. We are designers, engineers, and communicators united by a common goal, not a common location. We understand the tools our customers need to succeed in today's workplace, because we need them, too. We build them, share them, and use them to power new ideas, new improvements, and new ways of working. It's how we've accomplished amazing things, and it's how we help our customers do the same.