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Amar food



Amarfoodbd is the first and sole online food ordering system in Bangladesh, making food order easy than eating. Online food ordering system is the easiest and fastest way to order food. No need to have the phone numbers and menus of the restaurants to place an order. To order food from restaurants, people generally use phone which is complex and sometimes the man talking over the phone doesn’t understand what you are ordering. Now it is past. We are here to give you the advantages of the latest technologies by which you can order your desired food from any restaurants that offer delivery or pick up near you in a convenient way. With just a few clicks, you can search restaurants that offer delivery or pick up, and place your order. It is really very easy like changing TV channels using remote. Best of all, our service is totally free. We deliver pure customer satisfactions. For restaurants: Online food ordering system is the easiest and successful food order system out there and it is proven. Restaurants in first world countries like USA, Canada and UK are getting online and boosting their earnings. Statistics says that online food ordering system increases 29.3% of selling, as a result increasing profits. For further information, please browse the website or contact us. We will be happy to hear you.