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Maxpcsecurites is a technical support service with operation centers that cover most of the major cities in the world, as computers have become more popular and sophisticated, the job of keeping them running has been taken-over by an ever-increasing group of specialists known collectively as "Solution Engineers" Maxpcsecurites have developed a service to take the headache out of owning a computer specifically when they go wrong. When a PC user has a problem the first point of contact is generally the manufacturer's tech support team, however as manufacturers and others scale-back on in-house technical support to manage bottom-lines, innovative and entrepreneurial tech support companies are building a robust business by providing help and a sense of security to the PC User. It also doesn't hurt that computers and other gadgets have expanded beyond the realm of just the most tech-savvy. The challenge the PC user faces is finding a team that can help, that's where we come in! In simple terms help is just a click or phone call away – www.maxpcsecurites.com Maxpcsecurites signifies "Value, Quality and Guaranteed Resolution for our customers' technical problems". We support and look after many customers globally and would be happy to help you retain peace of mind when it comes to PC after care and on-going support. !